Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Election 2015

Is it me, or is this like the third year running that while trying to find election results all we get from the UC Board of Elections page is this? For hours? What happened to the immediate updates that used to start at about 9:15 and go right through to the end?

I suppose the funniest part of this situation is to point out that this appears to be the only UC Webpage in existence that does not have Mike Hein's face prominently featured on it. LOL

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi There!!

No, I don't know that I am back. I was just fooling around and came across my old blog.

But I did want to point out a post that I made a couple of years ago, because given the primary results last week I think it is pertinent. I know, I am ahead of my time.

Apparently God doesn't like you to misuse his dump trucks.

Maybe I will be back, maybe I won't. But I did set up my own URL:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Will The 2nd Century End Up Like the 1st Century at Kingston High School???

After another break from blogging, I have been thinking about where to take this blog next. After years of politics I am still tired and fed up with it, so who cares? Besides, in case you haven't figured it out yet all local races except maybe the Town of Ulster Board race is pretty much rigged this year. So, vote till your heart's content but the victory parties are already in progress.

So, I have given it some thought and I think I am going to spend the next month posting articles about the proposed KHS Capital Improvement project to generate some public discussion and review facts and ideas that might not be in the district propogand........I mean informational campaign. That being said, below is some of the articles that we here at the Common Sense Compound are researching and putting together. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments and stop back to read and comment on the future articles as we post them. As always, comments are moderated only for comments that can be considered slanderous.

I feel it is important to insert here that I personally believe that we need a new highschool, and on the surface I like the overall scope and layout of the plan. Where I have a problem is that like always, when you insert government everything always gets screwed up due to waste and incompetence. So that is where I am mainly coming from here. But as always, I am not trying to make you think like me, I just want you to think.

Here is what we are working on.

Why the December 10th Vote??: I know what the district claims in their propaganda regarding the need for a December vote. But we are going to break down and show you by the numbers how this December 10th vote virtually guarantees passage of the project.  After all "if voting actually changed anything it would be illegal". There is no way that the district would ever be dumb enough to take a chance and put a measure up for a election day vote when they can't control the conditions.

Can we Keep the Timeline and Budget?: As with all government projects, on paper this project looks well planned, the timeline well thought out and the budget solid. BUT, can they keep it. We will take a historic look at other district and local government projects and show how easy it is to blow a timeline and budget out of the water. Because any contractor that has been in the business will tell you, the profit isn't in the contract it is in the change orders and delays. And we will ask, how much do you trust the competence of the Kingston City School District not to screw this up. Don't forget we are talking about demolishing entire buildings during summer vacation so as not to interrupt and endanger the safety of our children attending school at KHS. Are you all in on that gamble??

Maintenance to get us to the 3rd Century: We will ask you, if your kids took you on a tour of their room to see all of the toys that they have broken, would you buy them new toys?? Really that is what is happening here. We will take a look at how the KCSD's under-funding, incompetence and laziness when it comes to maintenance and has essentially forced us into building a new highschool. The question becomes how are they going to make sure that these same actions won't destroy the new $100 million dollar highschool, especially in the current climate of large budget and staff cuts. The district has proven that they couldn't handle this task in the good times, how will they do it in the lean times??

SO..... stay tuned for these posts and much more. Remember it has been awhile since this blog has been used and my 500 - 600 hit per day readership has dried up. So feel free to pass around my link and let's see if we can get a discussion going in the weeks leading up to the vote so that the people voting (as few as those may be) will make an educated decision.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Apparently Dump Trucks Don't Stop The Karma Train

That is all.

Ha, Fat Chance

He it is, a bill to revoke the NY un-SAFE Act.

I think that you have a better chance of finding an honest politician in Albany than you do of seeing this passed. And we all know that there is no such thing as an honest politician in Albany

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kingston is in need of Serious Drug Testing

Consider this if you will:

There are few things that every person in the world can agree on. Not parking a vehicle on Rail Road Tracks I thought would be one of those things. Apparently not. It would appear that the City of Kingston has an excess of city vehicles. So much so that they can afford to take them out of service and park them on rail road tracks where they run the risk of being destroyed or towed.

Now the powers that be want you to believe that this is to protect the health and safety of residents because these evil railroad people might sneak in one of their "poison infested" passenger cars into city limits under the cover of night and in defiance of a court order. Well, I am no lawyer but it would seem to me that law abiding citizens would not put themselves and their organization at risk by defying a court order. But apparently the mayor of Kingston feels that not only will they, but that rather than pursuing legal remedies in the event that they did. He has decided to break several laws, defy common intelligence, and waste tax payers funds by parking a city owned vehicle on rail road tracks. WOW.

God I hope that no one tells the mayor about all of the lead paint and toxins through out the City of Kingston's many centuries old buildings. What's next Mr. Mayor, will there be a wrecking ball and more dump trucks at the beautiful Old Dutch Church to knock that down and get the debris out of the city before someone is poisoned by lead paint?? Seems to me that Alderman Hoffay's Twitter Feed is pretty accurate.

If I didn't know better I would say that I smell a Hein in all of this as part of his plan to build a taxpayer funded rail trail utopia rather than deal with the real issues that are impacting this county.

Apparently the truck has been removed. According to the State DOT, the City of Kingston probably violated the law by blocking the tracks. DUH!!!! Read like page 2 in the NYS Driver Permit study guide, apparently the city disputes this fact however (I am assuming after careful study of their law books fresh out of the cracker jack box). But since it wasn't on state property the state won't pursue charges. This occurred on County Property (leased to the CMRR) so you can bet that the Hein Administration who is doing everything possible to undermine the rail road will overlook any laws that were broken. Because, let's face it. LAWS ARE FOR PEASANTS ANYWAY. You can't expect government to follow them too.

Freeman Article here:

Monday, February 4, 2013


Apparently Governor Cuomo has finally done what many have tried and proposed a budget free of legislative pork. But in doing so he has managed to give himself control of 3 billion dollars in "discretionary spending" (fancy name for pork) controlled by him. 3 billion bucks can buy a lot of votes, just saying.

You can read more about it here:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ulster County: Working OVER the Railroad???

There has been much talk and propaganda put forth in recent weeks by Ulster County Executive Michael Hein regarding his plan for a "World Class Rail Trail System".  Funny thing about it is I have yet to hear him address the subject of the Catskill Mountain Railroad which has been quietly working away at their eventual goal of having a railroad that runs from Kingston to Phoenicia. Plus their lease as I understand it could even permit them to go as far as Highmount.

Could you imagine hopping the train in Kingston for a scenic ride to Phoenicia for breakfast at Sweet Sue's and some shopping. Or even on to skiing at Belleayre Mountain. Unfortunately the railroad group has not been able to move along their project at a fast pace, because like many other not for profits they actually have to raise the money themselves for the project. Imagine what they could do if they could spend the taxpayers money at will like Mr. Hein and his new found benefactor Governor Cuomo can,   (PS: Hinchey's Million dollar grant got us about 500 yards of walking path on the strand, so I can't imagine Cuomo's will go far on a government project)

Unfortunately like most government projects it would appear that the advocates of the "World Class Trail System" are running off half cocked with no real plan or idea of what the heck they are doing. You see planning, preparation and commitment is only for those fools who have to raise their own money. Kind of like the kid that has to work all summer for some money to spend on something. He puts a lot more thought into what he is buying than he would if someone just handed him the money (or in a politician's case: if the kid had stolen the money out of someone's pocket).

I would urge Mr. Hein and the members of the UC Legislature to talk to the Catskill Mountain Railroad about their plans and how they could play into a World Class Tourist Attraction for Ulster County. And there is no reason that a rail trail could not run parallel to the rail tracks, then Ulster County could have the best of both worlds. Government should aspire to be part of the solution rather than walking in with someone else's money and bulldozing the hard work of others.

They should look at other railroad attractions, like the one in Delaware County . Then they could realize some of the great things that a railroad like Catskill Mountain Railroad is proposing could do for our county and our economy. The possibilities are endless.

To learn more about the Catskill Mountain Rail Road for yourself you can visit:

Update: A volunteer from the Catskill Mountain Railroad corrected me on the following:
Just FYI, the CMRR is not a non-profit group. It is a volunteer railroad corporation that invests all profit back into the county owned railroad. Stockholders have raised over $300,000 in capital to buy the trains. As stockholders we take no dividends, but we do get two slices of pizza and a vote at our annual meeting.